American & World History

A unique and fresh look at the history of the world and the Americas using the "World History" An African Perspective and the "American History" An African Perspective wall charts. Support the scholarship and purchase your Afri-Chart Today!!!

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Turner Fair Illustrates the Afri-Chart

Turner Fair illustrates the 'Afri-Chart', an integrated diagram that outlines the African origins of civilization relative to world history. Please take a moment to view Turner Fair III as he briefly illustrates

Afri-Charts Importance

What have people of African descent contributed to world civilization? The answers are revealed by this new, full-color wall chart, World History: An African Perspective. The chart material is based on the findings of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Nile Conference of 1974.

2012 AASAC Conference

During the 2012 AASAC Conference, Afri-Charts Products made several presentation providing historical content and context.

We Must Uplift Our Past For The Sake Of Our Future