World History

What have people of African descent contributed to world civilization? The answers are revealed by this new, full-color wall chart, World History: An African Perspective. The chart material is based on the findings of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Nile Conference of 1974.

In order to justify slavery and colonial occupation, there has been a willful distortion of the important contributions Africans have made to world history. Facts have been twisted, falsified, and altogether disregarded. The cover up has been so pervasive that this amended “history” now passes for “truth.” Children in school are given misleading, erroneous, and incomplete information, and are taught history as it relates to Western civilizations’ impact on other peoples of the world.

This deliberate rewriting of history has served to perpetuate many myths and stereotypes, and has ultimately led to ignorance, intolerance, and worse. Now is the time to right the wrongs that have blinded the eyes of the world to the triumphant accomplishments of the African peoples. Now is the time to get an African perspective on world history. Let the truth be told.

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